New Start; Here goes nothing

Hello! So after days of contemplation, I’ve decided to create yet another WordPress – I’ve lost count of the number of blogs I’ve created and then deleted over the years, but I’m hoping this one will last as I enter a new phase in life. College life will be a new start for me, so will this blog.

One reason why I disliked writing all my thoughts on blogs – i.e. public platforms – is that everything is public, and as much as I want to keep a record of things that have happened in my life, I don’t like the idea of writing with the mindset of pandering to an audience (albeit a non-existent one), especially with my mediocre English standard. Sometimes, I try to stay away from writing, because I am incapable of stringing my words eloquently enough to preserve the beautiful memories without tainting them and to accurately and precisely express my own emotions and insights. Self-confidence and insecurity issues, I suppose. Yet, at the same time, there are things that I just want to say to the world and let it all get out of my head.

And that is the reason for this WordPress – for things/ events/ opinions that I want to share, and also for typing entries at otherwise-inconvenient timings, which is also often when I drown myself in my sea of thoughts (e.g. in the dead of the night/ when travelling/ eating etc.)

I doubt I can sustain this for long, but, here goes nothing. It’s not me in my entirety anyway – I’ve got other platforms elsewhere: documents, books, photos… It’s disorganised, I know. And I hate being disorganised, but this is the best solution I could think of for now. And this shall do.


Cherchant lagom. Ignoring the grammar structures, that’s supposed to (literally) translate to ‘searching a balance’ – cherchant for ‘searching’ in French, and lagom for ‘balance’ in Swedish. Actually, I got my URL inspiration from a 9GAG/ Buzzfeed post that I chanced upon on Facebook (18 Brilliant Nordic Words that we desperately need in English). With regard to my writing platforms, I guess I am indeed trying to find a balance among them – to record memorable events and also to publicly express some of my thoughts. In a way, I suppose this will also remind me to chercher un lagom during my time in College – it’s a new, new start; it’s a clean slate and I want to make the most out of my 4 years in a place that is just brimming with opportunities and life, all while balancing what I’m supposed to balance. (I know it doesn’t make sense, but I’m still in the midst of figuring things out.)


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