Coming Soon: Travelogue (at least for France) (I hope)

I’ve always wanted to do a travelogue for every trip that I’ve gone on, especially the 2 trips to France in 2011 (Bordeaux) and 2013 (Dijon and Paris).

Those 2 trips were the most memorable, partly because I travelled with friends whom I love and am really comfortable with, despite being in a foreign land that speaks a foreign language. Yet, that was also the appeal of France – challenging yourself to communicate in French even among the Singaporeans. France was incredibly beautiful as well, especially for a history geek like me. I loved how everything was preserved and how the beautiful medieval European architecture was all around me as I walked on the cobbled pavement, sometimes in a group, sometimes alone.

Our love and passion for France and all things French really bonded us together (in the short term, at least), even in the face of rude culture shocks (soirées = dancing + drinking + smoking) and getting lost in translation (canard/ ‘canal’, anyone?). Acting Parisian, acting sophisticated, acting like a poubelle (how even)? Checked. Strolled along La Seine, seen La Tour Eiffel, witnessed a Mass at Notre Dame and at Sacré Cœur? Checked.

/Oh no, the memories are flooding back./

In retrospect, I’m really glad that I kept a personal travel diary that I had written in almost every night. I really want to convert parts of that into a public travelogue though.

I will get down to it someday. But, I have been saying that for months now and…well, we’ll see how it goes.

Maybe I should start with my RCX trip to Cambodia when I go there in (omg) 2 weeks. <- it’s still so surreal!!! Another trip to satisfy my inner history nerd 😀


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