Attention and Names

I’m not an attention-seeking whore. But I really hate the lack of attention given to me, for reasons that are not related to who I am or what I can or cannot do. I suppose first impressions are indeed important. Whether a person likes how your face look or how nicely you are dressed or how you look special in terms of skin colour etc.

I hate not being remembered. And having a Chinese name that is hard to pronounce (even I think so sometimes) makes it even harder. I’ve lost track of the number of times where people asked me if I have an english name. Choosing a nice and meaningful name aside, it can be pretty tempting to get one just so that people can better remember your name and thus you.

But an ACE class discussion regarding names back in Y3 with Mr Chiang always comes to my mind whenever I think about that. What my name is should not affect what you think of me. I have a responsibility to do things well so that people know my name and remember it without me having to simplify it, or worse, create a nickname. Just because my name is difficult to pronounce does not serve as an excuse for you to disregard me and what I can do and care about. In any case, if you are sincere and care, you would make an effort to remember it as soon as possible.

To be fair though, I do have to work on my first impressions and how to introduce myself. I’m fine with simplifying my name to my initials JY or Jay or even Yip, but I’m not keen on getting an English name for convenience sake.


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