So very busy with school

I love seeing people do what they love, being good at it, and enjoying every bit of it.

眼睛是心灵之窗 – indeed, people’s emotions – happiness, sadness, anger, frustration etc – just shine through their eyes and I love seeing people’s eyes light up whenever they do something that they are passionate about.

That’s really attractive to me.

/On a side note, week 3 is starting tomorrow (it has been a month since I moved in) and things are happening so quickly and deadlines are so tight that I haven’t had much personal me-time to write, watch videos and just chill./ I also can’t decide on what interest groups I want to join, what I want to gain out of my first, gradeless semester and from my four years here and also how I am going to contribute to this place that I hope will soon become my home away from home.


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