What I love

I love plugging in my earpiece even if I’m not playing any music,
Because I get to avoid talking and have some me-time.

I love long bus rides,
Because I get to drown myself in my own thought, or even better, sleep.

I love how the wind blows my hair from my face,
Because it makes me feel like the girl in books and movies whom I’ve always wanted to be.

I love slow music,
Because life doesn’t always have to be so fast-paced and so energy draining, and even if it is, there’s always space for some slow music.

I love student problems,
Because it just reminds me that I’m still a student, and honestly, I don’t have that much time left as a student.

I love studying practically-useless stuff,
And pretending they are useful,
Because who’s to say that you should only study things that are of practical use?

I love sleeping,
Because everyone needs rest,
Even if it makes me feel guilty as hell.

I love the feeling of being able to appreciate these small things around me; even if I seem dumb and pretentious doing so.

I really enjoy being alone. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely.


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