I love History

I keep underestimating my love for History – it’s so interesting, so complex and so full of life. It’s not just about dates and dead people, contrary to popular belief. It’s definitely not just about cramming all the facts into your head – partly because you can never get ALL the facts. It’s about different perspectives and trying to reason out and rationalise people’s actions and how those actions shaped the world we live in today. It’s not always about the power figures either, though master narratives are often tailored to portray the incumbent leader in a better light. It’s also never clear-cut – the world is complex and nothing is distinctly separated into black vs white and good vs evil, as much as we would like it to be. But that’s life, isn’t it? So many different perspectives and so many reasons and shades of grey. I love how almost everything can be debated and argued in History, despite how facts exist and some events/actions were undeniable. Yesterday, I visited the NMS and attended a (freaking amazing) lecture by TTY, and one message stood out very very clearly – what you do not see is just as important as what you see. That’s exciting, isn’t it? To be able to argue about something that seems to be cast in stone. There’s never THE story, because any story that you tell is always just A story among many others. THE story is just the one that has been legitimised.

End of rambling hoho hi work at monoyono


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