/really random thought that could be further improved and steam lined to be more coherent./ /Insight from Daniel Goh’s FB post/

We complain of the government turning us into a nanny state, and complain about not having autonomy in our lives, and that everything is dictated by the state/government/society.

But sometimes, maybe it’s us who form the problem for ourselves. The government certainly has control over some aspects of our lives, but are we govig the rest to them as well? Our expectations to be served by them public servants results in us not taking ownership of our country’s resources. A dichotomy between the individual and the resources. Maybe it’s time to start taking ownership of things instead of handing over everything to the state to perfect and then complain of having no autonomy over your lives. If you want us to stop being a nanny state, maybe you want to try growing up first instead of whining for the nanny to leave? Because it’s precisely this type of children who needs nannies to take care of them.


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