1:31AM – because I don’t know what to write for the title

Is this what (nearly) getting drunk feels like? I feel like my head is going to spin soon and like my eyes just wants to close and I just want to crawl into bed and when I close my eyes, all I hear in my head is throbs of music – just, not yet. When I snap myself back into focus, I’m me again. I’m definitely not drunk, but for once, I’m getting close to experiencing how it feels like.

It’s an interesting experience, and I may just like it. A little. I can’t get my body to move without drinks, I like it when I am in the mood, but I don’t like feeling vulnerable and weak. But I do like the feeling of confidence and feeling like your problems and concerns outside are totally irrelevant. I feel like that’s when you move on and move past all your pathetic troubles.


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