I have so much to be grateful for. When you live in a very developed city and have everything that you need covered, it’s very, very easy to take things for granted and forget to be thankful.

But today, I had a very, very good time that made me realise that it is actually pretty easy to be happy.

I don’t need much – I don’t need material goods nor popularity nor be that one friend that everyone wants to have. I just need might small, tight circle of friends and family whom I know I can trust and fall back on (and know that I will do the same for them). I don’t need elaborate surprises with expensive gifts. The act of them taking time out for me and just chill by the bay is enough to melt my heart. I don’t need everyone to remember my birthday (it’s disappointing that some people don’t though, despite having Facebook reminders), but it’s all fine as long as I have my loved ones around me. Fancy words are nice, but sincere messages are the sweetest.

Also, who can forget family? I may not have the world’s most harmonious family (we are far from that), but I do appreciate their love even though I may not show it at times.

On the second day of my nineteenth year of existence, I realise that happiness can indeed be found anywhere (as wise Dumbledore famously said) and I know that there is always a place and a group of people whom I can fall back on. I just wish I can do the same for these people as well.

As we sat by the bay writing well-wishes on our white ball, I couldn’t help but think of 友谊万岁, because such friendship is hard to come by, and I am really, really thankful for that.

I might be a year older, but my ability to phrase words and precisely express my thoughts has definitely (and obviously) not improved.


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