Dear cousin & why I enjoy working

Dear cousin,

You should stop being such an asshole when you joke. I love how fun you can be, but so many people have been offended by your ‘jokes’ – regardless of your intention. I might know that you were just kidding, but some don’t see it that way and it probably hurts.

But that aside, I was so pleasantly surprised and touched when you stopped by the shop with a cup of bubble tea for me. You went out of the shop to ‘collect’ your own drink, but you probably went to get another order and came back to say that it wasn’t ready. Such small and unexpected acts of kindness are really heartwarming. I could just imagine you being that badass-yet-sweet boyfriend that just melts people’s hearts.

You probably see me as a kid – I hope not though, since I don’t see you as someone who’s very old – but it’s fun talking to you about slightly stuff and just getting to know you better.


Isn’t it strange how most of us don’t actually know our cousins that well/ as well as we should despite having known each other since we were kids? Perhaps because we grew up in the ‘extended family’ context where we just see each other as relatives, that we do not bother trying to find out more about each other. Sometimes, I wish I could get to know my cousins in a ‘friends’ context and also wish I could get to know my friends better in a ‘family’ context. What would it be like, though, if new-found friends cliqued and then subsequently find out that they were related to each other? LOL.


And this is also why I like working at a shop (stop all your prejudice, you elitist adults) – I love the unexpected surprises from people I know; I love interacting with customers, knowing that what I sell, though expensive, can give someone happiness and joy (albeit material, transient and superficial); and I love encounters with strange people who ask me random questions and then compliment me for being ‘intelligent’. (Sorry, I just miss being called ‘smart’. Whether I am or not is irrelevant, I just love compliments, just like most people.) Those are just some reasons why I like/ don’t mind the job despite the time commitment and the very, very low pay.


Actually, I’m in SI lecture now and I’m not listening (I haven’t been listening in weeks (months, even), despite attending almost every singly lecture.

Also, I can’t wait for the semester to end!!!


Pray for World Peace. The world doesn’t need any more grief or unhappiness.


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