Living in the present

I’ve been ‘wasting’ so much time this week, mainly just sleeping or playing TsumTsum, or working. Or I made spontaneous trips to my workplace to visit my friends (of which the first visit made my week really embarrassing – more about that IN MY HEAD). I went to catch Mockingjay too.

Basically, I did everything except my supposed main work/ priority – my studies. It was the last week of lessons, yet I didn’t do much (if any) with regard to my studies/ assignments… And I do have A LOT of assignments – essays, posters, symposiums – piling up. Well.

But I’m happy. I’m happy because I feel like I’m living in the moment, and living the YOLO college life, as cliche as it might sound. I might be living the stereotypical college life, but I don’t care – for now. For once, I feel like I’m actually living in the present and enjoying what I’m doing (even though my good-girl-subconscious is telling me to get down to doing my assignments). I feel like I’m not working my ass of in the present so that I can have a better future – of course, it’s not like I’ve always been doing so.

But the point is this: living in the present is great.

That said, time to return to my application and hopefully secure myself a study trip next summer. And also, do my PPT assignment that’s ‘due’ tomorrow 9am. And write my thankyou letter because I am really thankful and I want to express my gratitude properly. (All in 7 hours, oh no). It’s 1:36AM now btw. Hope I don’t fall asleep halfway at STARBUCKS.

Also, living in the present is great but I’m spending way too much money hahahaha.


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