I was typing a lot of things just now, but they got deleted when I exited without saving.

I want to write something everyday in December, because writing is a meaningful past time that I enjoy, and one that keeps my brain working and my mind clear. It’s therapeutic and I enjoy it even though I get frustrated by how I cannot fully express myself.

I miss France and everything French – everytime I see or hear something French, I get reminded of my two most meaningful and enjoyable vacations overseas in France 2 and 4 years ago. (Evidently, a trip to France is overdue.) I wish I could go to France next Spring LAB or during Summer Abroad – time to get started on my LAB application!

I had the cutest closing shift yesterday – before I had the worst closing discrepancy of my time at the shop – when a little dragged me around the shop. When I say ‘dragged’, she literally clutched my fingers with her tiny hands and pulled me around the shop, asking me to show her things that are ‘more fun’, and asking me what everything is and how they work. Here are 2 adorable excerpts:
G: “What’s this?”
M: “It’s a unicorn. Do you know what’s a unicorn?”
G: “No.”
M: “It’s like a horse with horns”
LOL Okay so I found myself pretty amusing in that one, but the next one is more hilarious!
G: “What’s the duration of this hourglass?”
M: “1h 15mins”
G: “Oh. That is a long time.”
M: “Yes, that IS a loooooong time.”
G: “Okay! Then we have a lot of time to play. Play with me!”
Ohmygod, that was so sweet and cute!!!
Even though I’ve been saying for years that I don’t want to have kids in the future, I do think that they are adorable. Their curiosity is inspiring and I love how wild their imaginations can get. Alas, why must we grow up?

One thing that I dislike about the shop, though, is how some things that they sell are implicitly and subtly sexist. Things like “for happy woman pour wine”, “for happy man pour beer”, fairytales stationery for girls, pirates ones for boys, and ‘girls rule’ pouches etc… I am uncomfortable selling those things; the feminist in me is unhappy. As such, when the girl asked me what the NPW stationeries are, I showed her the pirates ones even though my instinct was to take the fairy tales ones. Since little kids are so impressionable, I don’t want the little girl to grow up thinking that she has to play with fairies and dolls. She can play with pirate toys or robots too, as long as she finds joy in them. Similarly, who is to say that all women like wine or that all men like beer? That is something that I do not really like about the shop, with all the subtle sexist messages… Sometimes, I feel like subtle messages are more harmful than explicit ones, because it only reflects our ingrained mindsets about differences between men and women. I realised that I am becoming increasingly feminist, and that is something that I embrace.

On the topic of feminism, I take issue with one of Huffington Post’s recent Twitter headlines: “sexist ad reminds women that they are nothing more than objects”. < Doesn’t this just remind you of the importance of grammar??? Ugh. I tweeted a reply back to them – something that I don’t usually do, but I did because I felt very strongly about that tweet.

I finally got back feedback for my two latest LH assignments. Unsurprisingly, prof commented that I have been quiet this semester – I know I have always been a quiet student, but it’s something that I’ll work on in the coming semesters. What is surprising though, is that she said that I have a ‘fine mind’ for Literature and that my final assignment had earned me an A. Regarding the former, I find that quite amusing because it has been ages since I had done literature. As for the latter comment, that is totally ironic because the final assignment is the one that I totally did not bother about, and the one that I spent the least time and effort on. So, the grade received and effort invested are inversely proportional. I guess what prof once said about not caring so much about whether you are doing college papers right or wrong is true after all. (Then again, my PPT essay was horrible…)

I’m typing letters at the constituency now, and…thanks volunteer, for writing interview notes in point form and expecting me to string your thoughts together. The gratitude is obviously sarcastic.

Also, I’m such a spendthrift. I just spent nearly $232 on glasses and clothes after work. Oh well, at least I’m working. I could be spending without earning any income, right?


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