And remember: you are first a student then whatever-you-do in your spare time

^ that’s something that I need to keep in mind, especially when things are going well (i.e. when I’m really enjoying the moment) and when things aren’t (e.g. like last night). Know that whatever you do, it should not steer you away from your duty as a student. It should complement, but not distract.

So anyway – to academics:

I finally got my grades for the final assignments of the semester – none of which was done way in advance nor given especially serious thought. In fact, most of them were done 1-2 days in advance. (Lit: 90% on the day itself, CSI: 95% on the day itself, Philo: started two days in advance and completed on the day itself)

I know I shouldn’t be bragging about my lack of time management, but I think it’s pretty cool how  the amount of time I spent is inversely proportional to the grade that I get for the assignment LOL. Like, Lit and CSI both got A even though I rushed them out?! (Granted, I prepared well for my CSI assignment – I spent lots of time on the progress report) BUT LIT………………… oh well. what can i say! Just do and trust your instincts, I guess.

End of a bemused bragging session.

And nts: next semester is graded, time to stop playing around and actually focus…… AND YOUR PRIORITY IS YOUR ROLE AS A STUDENT. remember: anything else is meant to complement, not distract.


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