Why is Chinese culture so patriarchal and sexist? Why are they especially so even among other traditions and cultures? What caused the change from a matriarchal society to a patriarchal one? Why is sexism so prevalent across time and space?

Did ahgong know that Monday night was his last time seeing me? Was that why he kept looking at me while I stared fixedly at the television? Did I have some sort of intuition that the end was near? Was my last time seeing him the glimpse that I caught as I closed the door? I didn’t expect that CNY this year would have been my last time seeing him.

Will traditions continue in the future? Will funerals for the next generation be like this as well? How many people in the world still know much about these practices and the original intentions? Should these be preserved? If no, why? They are symbolic of our culture and our practices. If yes, why? Don’t they just perpetuate the sexism that so many liberals are trying to eradicate?

So many questions, so few answers.


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