I will be going to Paris for Spring LAB next February, and will only be back on XY’s birthday. A part of me is excited and happy because I’ll finally be returning to the beautiful city of Paris where I made many wonderful memories. What I totally didn’t expect is a sense of trepidation and anxiety – the Paris attacks were cruel and ruthless and unexpected. Life is short and we don’t know what can happen next, right?

Anyway, this time, I will be back to France and I will be exploring more parts of Paris, including Sorbonne, the Catacombs and Versailles, and I will be learning about different topics, many of which I am very interested in. It’s a chance for me to soak in the French atmosphere again, and hear people around me talking rapidly in French. I only hope I can converse in the language as well. What should I do during my free time though? Meet my friends? (OMG I JUST REALISED THERE’S ÉRIC AT ESI) Or go to some attractions? Or go to a club? Hoho idk. It’s just a week long but I’m hoping to learn lots and gain a lot out of the experience.


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