momentum netherlands.PNG
This is in Netherlands…

Saw this picture on Momentum the moment I opened a new tab on Google Chrome. I love this feature – it allows me to see breathtaking scenes from the world. My only Dutch friend will be leaving Singapore tonight.

Anyway, these few days were like a daze… I’ve so much going on in my head – things ranging from the ridiculous to the slightly hilarious and to the downright depressing ones. I want to write them down. But knowing myself, I will never be able to perfectly express myself eloquently, and some thoughts will inevitably get lost, either unspoken in my head, or lost in the long pages that I write in an attempt to preserve these memories. And at the same time, there are also some thoughts that cannot be said and cannot leave my head, ever, because they run the risk of betraying myself, my conscience and worse, the people around me.

Also, it’s not the appropriate moment to be excited, but I will /finally/ be returning to France. To Paris! Next February.


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