In school, I’m just like an average college student – neither here nor there, fumbling and stumbling along the way to wherever I will end up. I’m neither the brightest nor the one with the most potential. I’m just a normal student.

At work, though, I seem like someone who has got her life figured out – I am in the best local university (they think that I’m from NUS. They don’t even realise that the programme I’m in is one of the more competitive ones…), I am engaged in several co-curricular activities, I know some pretty cool skills, I seem to know what I’m going to do in the future etc. To another teenager elsewhere, I might just sound like I’ve got things figured out.

But the truth of the matter is, neither description above actually describe me. It’s just looking at myself and what I have been doing with my life so far from different perspectives.

And that brings me to my main point: it’s easy to feel demoralised and inadequate when looking at other people’s achievements, while thinking about your own mediocrity. Yet, the old saying holds true: one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Sometimes, it doesn’t do anyone any good to look at other people’s lives wistfully and wish that you had the same life, because that’s useless. Instead, shouldn’t we just try to be content with what we already have while striving to be better personally? For all you know, someone elsewhere may just be doing the same thing as you.

It’s normal to want more and to want to be better. It’s normal to be greedy for more work or for more recognition and prestige. It’s also normal to be jealous of others. But it’s important to learn how to let things be and learn how to be contented and appreciative of what you presently have.



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