Books and literature

I’m not good at coming up with points for Literature. Neither am I good at analyzing texts.

But I’m enjoying reading a lot. I especially love Balzac’s Pere Goriot (now that I got past the first chapter). I just wish that I have the time to read it slowly and savour the text. I think I would like Baudelaire’s works a lot too, if I had the time to absorb his flowery language.

Right now, I’m imagining/ picturing myself reading these wonderful texts (part of me wishes that I’m reading the original French texts) on a grasspatch, like in the Botanic Gardens, as the breeze gently caresses me… I wish I  had all the time in the world to just read and throw myself in another world -modern or not does not matter.

Also, as I’ve said countless times, I do wish that I could write a lot more eloquently.


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