I saw a quote on a forum yesterday:

“You can say that you are neutral. But when an elephant has its foot on a mouse’s tail, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

I just watched another clip from the latest Parliament session, and I must say that my political views are starting to shift. I’ve tried to ignore some of such bullying acts, brushing them off as one-off incidences against ineloquent questions, but when this happens again and again, you start to become more aware about the bully-victim roles (even though I must qualify that I do not believe in such false dichotomies).

Sometimes I wish that people in Singapore would be less politically-apathetic in the face of such subtle tyranny (this word is a bit strong, but the essence is there) against colleagues, but no, no one cares about anything in Singapore as long as their material needs are met. (Gandhi says that material needs are not important but I think Singaporeans love it too much to even consider giving them up.) Political activism is like one of the few things I really appreciate about America and Europe.

When there are too many laws, what happens? -Thinks about Huang Tsung Hsi- Unlawful laws and Laws without laws etc.?

In other news, I should be doing my LH and PPT readings. And Nietzsche and Mill etc. I wish that PPT can be more relevant to current affairs though. Like link the political thought to current political systems and policies and laws etc.


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