Don’t know if it’s intentional or what, but don’t you just hate it when a nearly empty bus drives off from the interchange when there are people (note: plural, like easily 3 middle/old aged ppl at least) running after it hoping that they will be able to catch it? The fact that these people jogging to catch the bus are quite old just makes me even more annoyed.

Anyway, I’m working quite a lot these 2 weeks (yes, right after the semester ended) till NGO bootcamp. I feel bad not spending time with my family (especially my mom!) but well, I need as much money as I can get before I flyyy. (I know the pay sucks but I like the job and besides, where else can I get a job that lets me work for 2 weeks and have such a flexible schedule?)

Excited for my summer plans but well, it’s gonna be hectic!


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