Haven’t blogged here in a while, but I guess the thought of typing just doesn’t appeal to me as much anymore, now that the semester has ended. Like, come on, I spent 13 consecutive weeks being glued to my phone and my laptop – how can churning out words onto a flat screen still appeal to me?

That said, I want to write, but the thought of sitting down and writing just makes me so lazy ): Oh gosh, I’m terrible at this hahaha. I want to find a state where I can just sit down and pour out all my thoughts and emotions naturally, but that’s not going to happen if I don’t force myself to get it done, right?

Perhaps I just have nothing serious/ thought-provoking enough to write. I mean, I had thoughts, at some point in time. But these thoughts just faded away over time and now they are just bits of information/details that I want to keep recorded somewhere so that I can revisit them next time.

Ok so to make things easier for me, here’s a vvv brief list of what has been on my mind for the past few weeks:
– C’s departure from school
– DOTS portrayal of the different professions, the possible objectives of such portrayals – glorification of the military/ subtle shade at the country’s politics and way of governance/ ethical and moral dilemma of the 2 professions (and how I am still not sold by soppy love stories even if it’s SJK)
– How I’ve always thought that entertainers (e.g. actors, singers, idols) have such a meaningful job
– Decreasing satisfaction from my own job (but then again, not really) – perhaps this has to do w my dislike for the lack of confidence and trust that people show (or rather, the fluctuating levels of trust that they show)
– How it is important to constantly psych yourself into thinking stuff so that you don’t feel negatively affected when things don’t go the way you want
– How I don’t fail to feel blessed and loved despite all my rants and complains and self-deceptions
– REVIEW OF SEM 2/ FRESHMAN YEAR/ MY LIFE (gosh, how could I have missed this out)
– What am I going to major in???
– Objectives for summer plans – NGO Bootcamp, Sydney trip, New York trip, YSS
– Politics like hellooooo dirty and despicable politics are just nooooo and thanks to this by-election, I believe that my poitical stance is changing

I think that forms the bulk of what I’ve been thinking of recently – I’m sure there are more on the list, but I just can’t think of them right now lol


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