A dream

I think I had a dream yesterday night that honestly still scares me a little.
I was in Paris with my mum and we went somewhere crowded, which caused us to get separated.
I couldn’t find her and I decided to get on the train, thinking that I would probably see her back at our residence.
But as I boarded the train, I had a nagging thought – ‘does she know that I boarded the train? Will she be looking around for me thinking that I got lost? I mean, she shouldn’t worry right, since I can communicate in French. Hang on, SHE doesn’t know French, what if she can’t go back to the residence? Does she even know which station it’s at? Heck, does she even know the name of where we’re staying?’
And from there, I just felt insanely worried and guilty. Like, she trusted me and I just disappeared??? My goodness.

And the scene changed and I nearly forgot all about it…till now.


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