Hahahaha Snape lookalike once again?

So. Just as I decided to focus on my holiday and leave all my problems back in town, dad’s friend (who is sending us to the airport) appears and bam… he has long hair. Long black hair, curtain style, just like Snape, just like the person who’s at the root of all my recent concerns and worries. Seriously, if he was taller and slimmer, I could probably mistake them from their back views…

Of all people, why is it that dad’s friend has to resemble him?

On the bright side, I just realised that he probably wasn’t at the wake last December, or I would definitely have found him familiar. At least this isn’t one of those rotten friends who have no sense of respect or decency. (I know, the thought of it still makes me fucking sad and boiling mad.)

Anyway, time to really leave the uptown shenanigans back where they belong, because a minimum-wage job is not worth distracting me from my once-in-3-years family holiday.


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