A fairy tale, 20mins ago.

momentum fairy tale.PNG

Once again, the momentum picture made me wish that I could feel at peace and happy and accomplished about things in my life, instead of feeling like things could be better and then feeling shitty about it because I’m not doing anything to make it better.

If only my actions and my heart and my mind can be aligned…

I need to stop moping and moaning around, because that’s not going to help me with anything, right?

“the death of a dream is the day that you stop believing in the work it takes to get there.” – in other words, I shouldn’t stop working. (Does this apply even when I feel like I don’t know what my dream is anymore?)

P.S. the title is ’20 minutes ago’ because it’s 2:14 now, i.e. 20 minutes after I took the screenshot.


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