Star Star Star

starsI saw this quote as I was finding a graduation quote for my sister’s card, and it reminded me of that November in 2011 when a bunch of students from Singapore alighted the coach and was greeted with a night sky full of twinkling stars.

These are the people who have (almost) never seen stars before, and the experience for these students wouldn’t be much different from people gathering to see nature’s show that “came out once every thousand years”. Indeed, that night, we were “ecstatic, delirious, made rapturous by the glory of God” – well, if you do think that God exists.

As I read the end of the quote, I realised that, if I had been living in a part of the world where one could see stars every single night, perhaps it’s true that I would have taken it for granted and “watch television” instead. Then again, if I could see a night sky dotted with stars every single day, it probably means that I live in the countryside and use TV as a means of connecting to the city, to the outside world, to the world that I currently live in.

What a pity, isn’t it, that we always try to find what we don’t have and in the process, overlook the beauty in the little things around us?

In other news, happy graduation in advance, my sister. I just finished writing your card and maybe I’ll go post it now.


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