A final lesson?

Dear Mr Nice Guy,

Are you pissed/ annoyed/ irritated? Cos if you are, I have 0 respect for you this time. Used to really care about what you thought cos I had thought that you were a nice person. Alas, not anymore, especially if you are just going to blue tick me after I told you about my request, my circumstances, and my apology. On hindsight, I definitely could have used more tact on my part (or it could have been worse, you know) but I don’t think I deserve to be cold-shouldered. Not this month, at least. Granted, much of my actions could have warranted much irritability but none of them was grave. This time, your fake smileys mean nothing anymore, and I couldn’t care less if you are just going to blue tick me forever. That said, you definitely owe me 2 things: information about the keys and my money. The former because I wouldn’t want to keep the key anyway, and the latter because well, that’s the very least that you owe me.

That aside, I’m done with playing your mind games, Mr Nice Guy.


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