momentum china.PNG

Lovely night sky of the city of Hong Kong, politically-controversial labelling of Hong Kong as part of China, and above all, a nice quote.

I think the aim of the quote is to get the reader to be a better person and to be the nice person that everyone loves to be around, but for me, I think I’m taking it the wrong way by focusing on the first part of the quote AND THINKING OF SOMEONE. UGH. I am so so so confused now, because I finally told someone about it and now I think I am less infatuated (which is great). But that friend of mine, who happens to be a great stalker, found lots of stuff about him and we learnt that HE IS A TOTAL POLYMATH. Like, how can anyone be good at sports and music and the humanities and the sciences and languages and debate and public speaking and interpersonal skills and cooking??? (I am NOT even kidding.) Ok he seems like the type of person I would wanna be, the type of person who does liberal arts and comes off as ‘oh the type that knows everything’ (i.e. him), unlike the other type that is ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ (i.e. me) SOBZ. Tell me, what can he NOT do? I feel so inferior already lol. Honestly though, he’s the type of person that I wanted to be – pursuing whatever excites you and gaining more knowledge and then excelling…

Just that for me, this pursuit ends whenever I sense that I suck GOSH.

Anyway, some people indeed do make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter, and make life a little better.

/My friend told me that this is normal BUT IT DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT???/


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