What’s this sense of liberation and lightness that I’m feeling now that I’m  (almost) finally free from the manipulation and exploitation? I’ve grown, and the growth is significant in its own right, even if it wasn’t as fast as I would have liked it to be 🙂

You seem like a nice person, but the nicest people are often the most dangerous and manipulative people at the end of the day. I’m glad I’ve grown out of these childish games.

Oh by the way, don’t you think that children are terrifying – and for lack of a better word – disgusting little creatures? We always think that they are super adorable and innocent just because their chubby faces and tiny little bodies make them look cute. But it’s astounding how manipulative young kids can be, how much pretense they can put up, and how much hurt they can inflict on others? Bullies, in other words. Just a caveat – this definitely doesn’t apply to everyone though. But anyway, if we see babies as the purest and most natural form of humans, is this ugly side that we see among toddlers ans young children a sign that either (1) we are not very nice people by nature or (2) societal interactions nurture us to make use of our ugly side to get the upper hand? Can’t decide if it’s nature or nurture, but one thing is for sure – kids (let alone full-grown adults) have different faces and should not be underestimated.

That said, I’ve seen really genuine and nice people – both adults and kids – and these people give me lots of hope and inspiration as they remind me that the world is so much bigger than our negativity, and there is so much more to this world than trivial matters and petty point-scoring.


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