Reading IR readings now about the spread of democracy and came across this quote:

“The authoritarian rulers capable of managing this process of social and economic change as adeptly as Lee Kwan Yew and his successors in Singapore are few and far between”

Don’t particularly agree with parts of the sentence and what it is saying, but it hit me, as I was reading this, that life could be so much worse and that I am so incredibly lucky to be born in Singapore, in this period of relative stability. Like, authoritarian or pseudo-democratic or whatever-you-western-scholars-choose-to-call-us, I consider myself so lucky to be raised in a state that is not just “the richest authoritarian state in the history of the world”, but in a state where I have the opportunity to learn and grow and live freely and safely. (Maybe the people in the high and grand West will argue that I don’t know what ‘free’ means, but one doesn’t know what he doesn’t have, right?) . Anyway, if we are considered an authoritarian state, then I am so so blessed to have met an astute authoritarian ruler – looking past his flaws and criticisms – who prioritises the greater welfare of the people, unlike so many other dictators who are corrupted and live off their people.


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