I can’t believe I’m bothered by you again, after I’ve successfully looked past everything for weeks. Maybe it’s the absurdity of the circumstance; maybe it’s the lack of restful sleep (because who can say that I don’t clock enough hours of sleep?); or maybe it’s just that of all things, this is the one thing that I should not bother about and that is beyond my control.

Because we all have a tendency to fret about things that we can’t control, right?

Also, it doesn’t help that my right eye has been twitching so much today (yeah, it’s only 8am) and yesterday. I think I’m subconsciously stressed, because there’s SO much academic work to be done.

I can’t wait to clear this and be in the rigour again (that said, it’s week 12 and I haven’t yet settled down?! Is this what 3 months of summer do to you?) This semester just flew by so quickly and I don’t even know what I’ve done so far… except living from deadline to deadline, event to event and sleep & slack for the rest of the time.

Dear eye,
Please stop twitching. It’s annoying the hell out of me. Am I stressed? Or should I take this as an omen and look up the various superstitions again?




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