¿What even is this post?

I just had an angry rant on Twitter for the first time in years. I had taken screenshots of all my tweets and I had initially wanted to post them here, but realised that that’s not a very wise move, particularly if someone chances upon this platform!

Right now, I’m sitting at Agora waiting for secondary school kids to get lost while finding the toilet, just so I can direct them to the right place. I just met one of my profs and wow, I forgot how deep and smooth his voice is ahh. It’s funny how different accents can make you feel differently. For this person, his voice makes him sound so deep and intelligent. Interestingly, as I mentioned on my Twitter tirade, I had just met a couple of my former teachers from secondary school, including one of my form teachers. I talked to them for a bit, and I realised how I missed being able to talk comfortably in my own voice, like without the pressure to consciously speak slower and clearer, and being able to slip into different tongues (i.e. Chinese) that can better express my thoughts, knowing that the other person can understand and respond as well. Though he definitely wasn’t one of my favourite teachers, it was nice interacting with him again and being reminded of how one of my previous homes was like.


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