An evening at Central Park

Found an entry that I had written when I was in New York Central Park alone, and it’s such a precious memory that I want to keep (‘:
“Smile. I want to see you smile more.”

The old man said as he walked past me, holding an (almost) empty beer bottle in his right hand and brushing a branch of flowers across my leg, as another old man nearby played music on his guitar. He is such a jolly man, talking to groups of people nearby and playing songs specially for them. In the distance, the most beautiful sunset painted the sky red, orange and pink all at the same time. It was also the first time I saw fireflies, with the light glowing and flickering behind them. All this while, people – couples, friends, families – strolled past, some walking their dogs, many others taking photos. This is easily my best day in New York City so far, but alas, no pictures nor videos can do it justice. I was reading Marcus Aurelius for a while, but I gave up, preferring instead to soak in the atmosphere (which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made all day, and that’s saying quite a lot since the day has been pretty damn good all alone).

This place makes me feel so blissful and loved that I can’t stop crying on a park bench.

No wonder people love Central Park so much.

“Smile more, my dear.”

/I want to keep this in my memory for as long as possible, but it feels like a dream already./


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