Because I can’t seem to concentrate (even when I so need to), I shall write a bit:

But snap, I forgot what I had wanted to write when I opened this.

I honestly don’t think I’ve felt this level of anxiety in Uni before, really. Like whyyy I don’t even get it?!

Oh, I remember what I had wanted to write before!

Just now around 945pm, I was buying tarts from Tarta at Vivo when I decided to ask them what they do with their leftover tarts. The guy whom I asked didn’t seem to get my question at first. He clearly had a ‘what is she talking about’ expression on his face. Then I repeated, to which he answered, “throw lah”, before proceeding to say “if not then what”, with a tone that practically screams ‘duh’. I was amused by the way he responded, and I wasn’t shocked by his answer, but above all that, I felt rather disturbed that it is indeed true that F&B joints in Singapore indeed throw away their leftovers. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF FOOD WASTAGE THAT WE GENERATE ON A DAILY BASIS, MULTIPLIED BY THE NUMBER OF JOINTS WHO DO THIS??? So I was very disturbed and a stray thought came into my mind – why hasn’t anyone started an initiative that gives out such food – leftover, but not expired – to people who would benefit from it? Clearly, there are many, many causes who have ad-hoc partnerships that get food from these joints for short-term distribution, but, why isn’t there a…idk, movement, or company, or something along those lines… that focuses on doing such distribution on a larger scale? (Or maybe there are, just that I’m not aware of them hmm)




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