Is this what a productive morning feels like? Right now, I’m on the way to work – yeah, same place – but before this, I’ve done: (1) showered (2) saved some readings and filed some (3) passed something off at my other work place (4) eaten breakfast, all in less than 2 hours! Typically, I would’ve just woken up!

I guess the next 12 hours are going to be wasted, but it’s fine… I chose this so I’ve got to work with it. 

This week, I’ve got to clear my overdue readings and do my extra-curricular work! And of course, revise for my mid-term next Wednesday. Guess that would be tomorrow onwards..? Tonight after I get back, I’m going to continue sorting out my files and print out all my readings (damn, do I have $$$ in my print card though..?) and then maybe hang out with my friend! We wanted to have a Harry Potter movie marathon!!

Otherwise, I’ll probably watch some CP documentaries?? 

Ohmy, the boss – guess which – just texted me asking me to take care of a new staff. Well, there goes my plan of faking to be a new staff myself. That happened the previous time too ): It’s okay, at least I have something to do! Was thinking of reading the 2 overdue readings for CP that I haven’t done so far! (That’s right, I’ve only NOT done 2 sets of readings!!! That’s an achievement compared to some semesters where all I did for a class was maybe 2 sets of readings?) Hehe.

Doing work sounds like a chore, but being productive makes me happy. Wait, then does that mean that I’m happy when I do chores??? Ok I think there’s a logic gap there. Anyway, having a restful sleep is great. I wish all weeks could be as low-key pressurizing/ low-key chill as this… Y’know when you have work to do, when the work that you’re supposed to do makes you happy and when there’s no tight deadline looming over. Is that why some of my friends like to start work early??? But one week is really very short, though. 2-3 weeks would be GREAT.

Ooh #nowplaying – Realize by Colbie Caillat. I’ve always liked this song, but I never knew the title! I really love this Spotify playlist, Chill Lah! It really makes me feel like I’m chilling.

Reaching next stop, time to reply my boss with an ‘okay!’. Lol k bye I’m here.


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